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Wheelchair Bag by Vive – Will It Work For You? – Review

Finding the perfect wheelchair bags and totes can be difficult as they are not sold in your average high street shop or local mall.  Sure, you can find something similar maybe but definitely not something designed especially for wheelchairs.  Unfortunately, because special equipment is hard to find this tends to raise the price generally. That’s why when we found this reasonably priced wheelchair bag online (for under $15!!) we got really excited and we think you will too.

Outstanding Features:

  • Accessory Storage Bag for Carrying Lose Items & Accessories
  • Finest Quality – Made By Vive
  • Fits All Standard Wheelchairs
  • Adjustable Straps – Easy Attachment
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Machine Washable
  • Large Capacity
  • Convenient Compartments
  • Can Be Used As Back Pack
  • Attractive Unisex colors
  • Waterproof

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For us, these are all very important features and judging by the feedback given by customers who bought this bag you will not be disappointed.  The fact that it is machine washable is a huge bonus point for us as we tend to use the bag a lot and it can get pretty dirty, so being able to stick it in the washing machine to bring it back to life is great.

We also particularly like the fact that it is light weight and can also be used as a backpack, it also doesn’t stand out as being any different than a regular bag which is great for a low profile look.

The large capacity enables us to put a whole lot of stuff into the bag including diapers, wipes, iPad, and even a change of clothing, although our son Natan Shai is quite small in size, I’m not sure if it would hold an adult’s change of clothing.

For us, practicability is a big factor in choosing the right accessories for Natan Shai’s wheelchair.  We think that this is more important than anything else.  Especially because we are always on the move to various appointments and stuff.  He goes to school with this bag on the wheelchair too so it’s important that it stays on tight for the hour long bus journey and keeps his belongings safe and sound as well as dry.  This particular bag is waterproof which is a great added bonus.

We also like to renew and replace after a year or two of using the same bag so this very affordable price makes it absolutely possible.







Other buyers commented that the fabric is “great and well made”, “folds easily with the chair”, “nice colors and design”, “fits a standard size wheelchair comfortable and holds a lot” – These are just a few of the hundreds of feedbacks that customers left on Amazon.

Drawbacks  You Might Want To Look Out For:

  • The strong velcro that closes the main pocket makes quite a lot of noise when opening.
  • No inside pockets (there are however extra pockets on the outside)

All in all, even with the two very small drawbacks,  this seems like a great bag and for under $15 you can’t really go wrong.  Definitely worth your while to check it out.


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