The Secret To Kids Weighted Blankets

When Natan Shai was very small we had a terrible time trying to get him to sleep.  We didn’t want to use medicine before trying every other possible option first.  One of the things that were recommended to us was kids weighted blankets. At first, the idea seemed a little strange but we went ahead and got one to try and………low and behold it helped!

Weighted blankets are well known to help children with Autism and sensory problems but they are rarely suggested by professionals for Hydran babies and other types of severe special needs.  Usually, these types of children are offered medical solutions by their doctor way too soon without giving natural methods a chance.

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket which has weights sewn to the inside of it so as to make it heavy. Poly Pellets (Polypropylene) are used frequently to make weighted blankets.  The blanket can range anywhere from between 4 to 24 pounds. It should weigh around 10% of your child’s weight.  The weights are embedded into a comfortable fabric which comes in many different styles.  Personally, we chose calming colours when we bought one for Natan Shai, we figured that would help to send him to sleep. Although it may feel very heavy at first, once the blanket is distributed evenly over the child you can get the true feel of it.

How Can A Weighted Blanket Help My Child Sleep?

A weighted blanket is used by applying pressure which provides proprioceptive input to the brain and forces the release of a hormone called serotonin which is a chemical that calms the body and aids with sleep.  It actually works in a similar way to a hug.  It is a deep touch therapy which resembles being swaddled as an infant and produces the feeling of security and belonging.

Where Can I Buy A Weighted Blanket?

We bought our weighted blanket straight from Amazon.  This was the best solution for us as it was shipped right away.  As we live in Israel, we had it shipped to friends in the States who were coming over here so it worked out well. There are plenty of other places I’m sure, but personally, we like the service, the variety and the return policy you get using Amazon.  Here you can see a few examples of weighted blankets, just click on the picture to see more details or to buy one.


So there you have it.  Natan Shai is now nine years old and to tell you the truth although we did get a good 3 years of help from it, by the time he was about 6 we had to turn to other methods to keep him asleep at night.  But every child is different and I know a lot of parents have found this to be a great solution for sleeping problems and wouldn’t look back.

I’d love to hear your stories about what helped your child to fall asleep so please leave a comment below and we can connect ????

With Much Love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)

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