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Since having Natan Shai, I came to realize that having a large selection of visual solutions and learning tools for your special needs child is essential to helping foster self-regulation, self-expression, and socialization. A successful tool can also assist with keeping your child calm and focused, improve academic performance and enhance coordination, building confidence along the way.  I am in the process of creating a sensory room (or actually corner) for Natan Shai which I intend to fill with different sensory toys such as the ones below.

I understand that caring for your special needs child presents unique challenges for you to endure, which is why I would like to recommend a few sensory toys for special needs children and a special sensory place. When our kids are occupied with interesting special toys they tend to be happier and more relaxed.  Sometimes toys can even be switch operated so that your child can develop independence.

My goal here at is to provide you with a trusted source for locating and reviewing toys, provide guides on activities, and give resources for your child with Hydranencephaly or similar types of special needs.

Toy #1: Aasha’s LED Mesmerizing Spinning Wand

The first toy that we would like to cover today is Aasha’s LED Mesmerizing Spinning Wand. The item features a well-constructed spinning head with four LED lights including green, blue, red, and amber colors. The wand itself creates cool effects during nighttime events or when activated in a dark room.

The wand is approximately 8.75-inches in length and ships with three triple-A batteries needed for operation out of the box. Perfect for sensory stimulation. Suitable children ages 4+, boys and girls alike.

1) Gender Neutral.2) Durable Construction.3) Very Affordable Price.4) Simple single-press, on/off operation.

1) No speed controls.2) A little large for smaller children.

The price of this toy alone makes it incredibly enticing. Under $20 on Amazon, it quickly provides you with a fun addition to your array of visual tools to assist in your child’s development.

Just click here or on the picture to get more details.


Toy #2: Kaleidoscopic Multi-Sensory Rotating LED Projector Light

Next up we have a Kaleidoscopic Multi-Sensory Rotating LED Projector Light, featuring a dome of red, blue, green, purple and white lights, encased in a solid black base.

This theme light offers a room-wide experience for parties or a multi-sensory room for your child. Only 3″ x 3″ x 5″ in size, perfect for ages 8+ to enjoy. Again, a gender neutral product that is easy on the pocketbook and serves a fantastic function.

1) Well priced.2) Gender Neutral.3) Solid Construction.4) Little to no maintenance involved.

1) No physical interaction.2) Batteries NOT included.

Depending on how advanced your multi-sensory room has developed thus far, this may be a great inexpensive addition at less than $30 on Amazon.

It also works well as a party favor to enhance your child’s experience on that special day. We like that it doesn’t have any moving parts on the outside, limiting any hazards and making it a safe resource.

Just click here or on the picture to get more details.


Obviously, as special needs parents, we periodically check toys for breakage and potential hazards. Each of these toys offers an incredible secure source to help with visual sensory development in your child.

Neither has sharp edges or hazards consistent with items that involve small parts or accessories, and each provides you with hours of entertainment.

As you develop your sensory room, you want to combine a range of stimuli to help your child develop and engage their senses as often as possible. Both of these items offer lights and colors necessary to help your child explore and interact without risk to personal safety.

Eventually adding other elements that include sounds, visual soft play objects, aromas and more within the secure environment you have created, dedicated to stimulating the senses and promoting pleasure or feelings of well-being in your child.

It takes a lot of work to deliver a remarkable, soothing experience in a controlled, safe environment that ensures enhancements touching each of the five senses, while also blocking out any sounds or distractions that may cause an adverse effect.

I wish you luck in your endeavour and hope that you continue reading for additional advice and access to many resources available on our pages.  If you have any suggestions of a favourite sensory toy, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

With Much Love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)

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2 thoughts on “Sensory Toys For Special Needs Children

  • Tennille

    Very helpful information thank you. I think sometimes we tend to overthink things when really the simplest items like the things you have shown here can be the most helpful to special needs children. There are so many sensory toy options on the amazon link you provided, it’s fantastic, thanks again.

    • Hannah Levi Post author

      Hi! Glad you enjoyed reading about these sensory toys. Yep you’re right the simplest of toys can provide hours of entertainment for kids like ours 🙂 I have another post I’d like to share with you right here, this is about different types of musical toys, hope you like it! Please keep in touch and if there are any other toys you yourself can recommend I’d love to hear from you!