Mrityunjay Das, an unfortunate young boy from India who is just seven months old has had a successful surgery to help with his extreme case of Hydrocephalus – (A buildup of fluid on the brain). His condition was so severe that it rendered him with what is thought to be the […]

Hydrocephalus – Boy With World’s Largest Head – How A ...

Bandana Bibs For Special Needs
O.K. so if your child is like Natan Shai and tends to dribble a lot then you are going to absolutely LOVE these bandana bibs for special needs kids and teenagers! As Natan Shai gets older the dribbling problem seems to have become worse. What I have tended to notice is […]

Amazing Bandana Bibs For Special Needs Kids

swings for special needs children 2
There are many different types of swings for special needs children and it can definitely get a bit confusing as to which one would be the best to buy.  It really depends on your child, his/her weight and exactly what kind of special needs he has, and how much money […]

3 Of My Favorite Swings For Special Needs Children

hydrotherapy for cerebral palsy
Hydrotherapy (or Aqua Therapy as it is sometimes called) is an amazing type of water therapy that can considerably enhance the lives of children experiencing Hydranencephaly and/or Cerebral Palsy as well as many other similar conditions.  In fact, Hydrotherapy for Cerebral Palsy is one of the most popular therapies that is […]

How Hydrotherapy For Cerebral Palsy Really Helps!

best wheelchair cushions 4
Today we’re going to look at some of the best wheelchair cushions that are available online. If you or a somebody close to you is confined to a wheelchair then you surely must know just how uncomfortable it can get to sit for so long without the right support. If […]

An Easy Guide To The Best Wheelchair Cushions

G-Tube Feeding 4
When Natan Shai’s doctor suggested G-Tube Feeding I was pretty much gobsmacked.  It’s not that it never crossed my mind that one day he may never eat orally again, I’d seen plenty of my friends’ children in the GHF group who had G-tubes.  I was just hoping that we would […]

G-Tube Feeding – Why We Never Looked Back!!

portable wheelchair ramps for stairs
As Natan Shai is in a wheelchair and getting heavier as time goes on, steps are becoming more of an issue to us than they used to be.  Unfortunately, not all places have ramps or easy access points for disabled persons.  So one of the best solutions available is portable wheelchair ramps […]

3 Of The Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps For Stairs

the global hydranencephaly foundation
The Global Hydranencephaly Foundation was founded by the amazing Alicia Harper in 2013 (Mother to <a href="http://www Extra”>Brayden Alexander Harper).  Instead of letting her sons diagnosis and attached prognosis defeat her and her family, she faced it head on and chose to defy the common misconceptions associated with Hydranencephaly. […]

What Is The Global Hydranencephaly Foundation?

what is the difference between hydrocephalus and hydranencephaly? 2
Understandably many people are not aware of the differences between Hydranencephaly and Hydrocephalus.  To be honest with you, when we first got Natan Shai I didn’t know the difference either, especially because he was diagnosed as having Hydranencephaly AND Hydrocephalus – I just presumed they were almost the same thing. […]

What Is The Difference Between Hydranencephaly and Hydrocephalus?

kids weighted blankets
When Natan Shai was very small we had a terrible time trying to get him to sleep.  We didn’t want to use medicine before trying every other possible option first.  One of the things that were recommended to us was kids weighted blankets. At first, the idea seemed a little […]

The Secret To Kids Weighted Blankets

hydranencephaly images
O.K. so if you’re looking for Hydranencephaly images I can bet that you are either a doctor doing your research or you have probably just been told that your baby or a baby of a loved one has been diagnosed with this condition.  You may even be a little apprehensive as […]

Hydranencephaly Images

musical toys for special needs children 2
Well, I can tell you that out of all of Natan Shai’s toys there is nothing he likes more than the ones which make noise. Some of them even have him laughing non-stop out of pure joy ????  Finding the right musical toys for special needs children can be challenging, to […]

3 Top Musical Toys For Special Needs Children

wheelchair ponchos for adults 4
Many adults or teenagers in wheelchairs are at a loss as to how to keep easily warm in the Winter, it can be so frustrating to wear a bulky coat or jacket that is hard to put on. So in this blog, I’m going to show you a few examples […]

Best Wheelchair Ponchos For Adults And Teenagers

books for special needs children 4
There are several types of books for special needs children that are great. There are different stories for different age groups which come in a large variety of Hardbacks, Softbacks, Kindle and Audio. Here I’m going to show you some of the best ones for kids like Natan Shai who can’t […]

The Best Books For Special Needs Children

gifst for special needs children 2
Whether it’s for Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Birthdays or any other special occasion, I know how hard it can be to find gifts for special needs children. Whether it is for your own child or a gift for someone else. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find something that […]

Top 5 Gifts For Special Needs Children

If you do a search on Google for ‘Hydranencephaly Prognosis’ the chances are you are going to get a rather dim and frightening response from most websites. That is because Hydranencephaly has not yet been studied enough by doctors who are all too quick to offer a very pessimistic opinion on this […]

Hydranencephaly Prognosis – What The Doctors Won’t Tell You!!

mic key covers 4
I love using Mickey button covers for Natan Shai, they are so aesthetic and keep the area dry too.  Also, because not everybody has heard of a G-Tube, people tend to freak out less when they see his button 😉 What Are G-Tube Covers? G-tube covers are handmade and they […]

Mic Key Button G Tube Covers – Why I Love ... 2
G TUBE PROTECTOR BELT – THE BEST SOLUTION! Before Natan Shai got his Mic-Key he had a regular G-Tube which stuck out like a little tale.  A G-Tube basically works exactly the same as the Mic-Key but it is less convenient due to the fact that it can get pulled out accidently………and […]

G Tube Protector Belt – The Best Solution!

what is medical marijuana? 10
What Is Medical Marijuana? – And How Can It Help? If you’ve been following the news lately you may have noticed that in several places around the world Medical Marijuana has become legalised. But what is Medical Marijuana? How does it differentiate from the street drug? Who can it help? […]

What Is Medical Marijuana? Can It Really Help?

natan shai
HYDRANENCEPHALY DEFINITION – WHAT IS IT? If you’re new to the word Hydranencephaly like I was in the beginning, it can be quite daunting to hear this word, to say the least, and forget about trying to pronounce it!  But if your baby has been diagnosed with this condition then […]

Hydranencephaly Definition – What Is It? 4
THE HYDRANENCEPHALY INFANT AND WHAT TO EXPECT When your baby is first diagnosed as a Hydranencephaly infant it is obviously a huge shock.  Not only to the parents but to the grandparents and immediate family as well.  This diagnosis might be revealed whilst you are still pregnant or you might […]

The Hydranencephaly Infant – What Can I Expect? 2
SPECIAL NEEDS TOYS FOR OUR KIDS When Natan Shai started growing and I needed to start looking into special needs toys I really didn’t know where to start.  So the Facebook group I belong to which is a group for other mothers like me helped me a lot and I […]

Special Needs Toys – What’s A Good Choice? 6
In a nutshell, Hydranencephaly is a very unusual neurological condition whereby most of the cerebral hemispheres are missing and replaced by fluid instead.  This is the condition that my son Natan Shai experiences and the reason why I made this website. I would like to share with you, my experiences […]

What Is Hydranencephaly?