Hydrocephalus – Boy With World’s Largest Head – How A Shunt Can Save Lives!

Mrityunjay Das, an unfortunate young boy from India who is just seven months old has had a successful surgery to help with his extreme case of Hydrocephalus – (A buildup of fluid on the brain). His condition was so severe that it rendered him with what is thought to be the largest head in the world!

The operation relieved him of approximately four litres of fluid which caused his head to expand to a whopping 96 centimetres, 3 times the normal head size!  The average size of a normal babies head is approx 36 centimetres. Over six weeks of treatment the size of his head has been reduced to 70 centimetres, thereby reducing it by 26 centimetres.

According to Doctor Dilip Parida, from AIIMS hospital in Deli, the baby was brought to the hospital back in November 2016 when his parents feared for his life. He arrived with a head containing a phenomenal 5.5 litres of fluid.  Using the medical procedure called external ventricular drainage, they were able to remove 3.7 litres of fluid!

Thereafter a shunt was inserted inside the baby’s head which will continue to drain excess fluid from the brain.  It is hoped that the cognitive functions of Mrityunjay Das will improve considerably after this procedure. Until now he could not even turn over in bed due to the weight of his head.  Doctors say that if the baby had been brought to the hospital right after birth this condition could have been corrected right away, without his skull expanding to such a disproportionate size.

His parents went to many different hospitals in India until they found one that had the technical abilities and qualified doctors to perform such an operation.

Kamalesh Das and Kavita, the boy’s parents, have told news sources that sadly their neighbours in Ranpur, Nayagarhsince have ostracised their family due to the physical appearance of their little boy 🙁   People would go as far as calling this unfortunate little boy a ghost baby because of his appearance.  Kamalesh, 35, hopes that the attitude of these neighbours will change once his little boy’s head size is reduced. It is unfortunate that in such places as this people have not been educated about special needs and still look at babies born deformed as some kind of a witchcraft phenomena.

The hardest part for specialists in Deli will be in attempting another operation on Mrityunjay’s skull to reshape his head. Adjusting the cranial bones is a very complex and challenging operation since the cranial bones are not fused.

We wish Mrityunjay and his family much continued success and hope to have an update from them in the coming months to let us know how he is doing.

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