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O.K. so if you’re looking for Hydranencephaly images I can bet that you are either a doctor doing your research or you have probably just been told that your baby or a baby of a loved one has been diagnosed with this condition.  You may even be a little apprehensive as to what a Hydranencephaly baby looks like.  As you can see from the pictures here Hydran babies are beautiful just like any other babies.

hydranencephaly imagesMy Baby Has Been Diagnosed With Hydranencephaly

The first thing I want to tell you is that although it is a total shock and certainly you have just embarked on a completely different journey than what was to be expected, you will cope. Not only will you cope, but you will get more joy from this child than you ever imagined in your wildest dreams!  You can read more about the Hydranencephaly infant and what to expect here.

The Brain Of A Hydranencephaly Baby Still In Utero

Let’s first of all, let’s take a look at an image of the brain of a hydranencephaly baby still in utero. (Thanks to Ali President of The Global Hydranencephaly Foundation for letting me use this picture of her beautiful son Brayden Alexander.)  It is quite possible to see here that the brain is missing and only the brain stem remains. And look at how responsive little Brayden is! All without a brain!

hydranencephaly images


Light Shown Through The Skull

This is a picture of a Hydranencephaly baby with light being shone through the skull showing an absence of the forebrain.  As you can see the light literally goes through the head and skull from one side to the other!

hydranencephaly images

Images Taken Right After Birth

This is beautiful little Jeremy right after birth – he is now 15yrs old. He was only 5.7 at full term. (Thanks Jolene for sharing your picture of Jeremy).

Hydranencephaly images

This is beautiful baby Lilith just after being born <3 – Thanks Jessica for sharing with us ????

And here is the legendary Brayden Alexander (in whose name the Global Hydranencephaly Foundation is dedicated to) – Thanks Ali for this amazing picture!

hydranencephaly images

Here is gorgeous tiny Jameson just seconds after being born! – Thank you, Ginger for sharing with us!

hydranencephaly images

What a beautiful picture of gorgeous baby Braylee!  Thank you so much Erica for sharing!

hydranencephaly images

Eight Days Old Hydranencephaly Baby

This is a picture of beautiful baby Eitan at eight days old (Thanks to my friend Holly at the Global Hydranencephaly Foundation).  The second picture is of baby Eitan at 15 days old and right after his shunt operation.  Important to note that not all Hydran babies need shunts but if they do have hydrocephalus then this is a life saver.

hydranencephaly images

hydranencephaly images

Images Of A Hydranencephaly Child

And now for some pictures of Natan Shai – from when he was just four months old and until today. (He has been with us since he was 4 months old so I don’t have any pictures from the first four months of his life). Isn’t he beautiful!! (I might be a bit biased lol) free viagra samples by mail.




If you’d like to see more Hydranencephaly images then please take a look at the two main websites for this condition: The Hydranencephaly Foundation and Rays Of Sunshine.  There you can see lots and lots of images of different kids. Some have already grown their wings and others are babies, children, teenagers and young adults.

When I first realised that Natan Shai’s condition was so severe these are the two places that helped me so much!  It was such a relief to see happy little faces even though their challenges with living with such a disability was so difficult.  It gave me hope during a time of total shock and I made new friends who are dear to me until today, and that was 9 years ago!

There is also a great facebook group for Hydran families:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/hydran.families/   here you can meet many other parents in the same situation and interact with them about any issue – nothing is too big or too small.  A fountain of support just for you from friends that totally understand your situation!

I hope you liked looking at these images and found some useful information.  Please leave a comment below so that we can be in touch and talk about our amazing children!  We’d love to see your picture too!  Also if you have any questions feel free to ask!

With much love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)

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