How Can doTERRA Essential Oils Help Your Hydranencephaly Child?


This guest blog post is about ‘doTERRA’ essential oils and how their benefits can help your child with Hydranencephaly.  As many of you know, the struggles of raising a child with hydranencephaly are many.  I have found a few ‘doTERRA’ essential oil products to help make your Childs life a little bit more comfortable.

We will go over mood enhancers, muscle massage and tummy troubles in this blog post and the products that may help. 

Muscle Massage Options

Our children with hydranencephaly have varying degrees of muscle tone issues. Some of them have very tight muscles and some have very loose muscle tone. Some children like my son Jeremy have both where the tone goes back and forth from tight to loose and back again. The benefits of massage are well known.

For general massage or for loose or mixed tone, I would suggest the ‘doTERRA’ product Aromatouch massage blend. For those children with very tight muscle tone I would go with the Deep Blue oil blend. There are tons of DYI essential oil blends you can make up yourself.  Follow my Pinterest PIN’s for more ideas and some of my favorites.

Mood Enhancers Options

Diffusing doTERRA essential oils in your home can help your child deal with some of the emotional issues of not being able to communicate their feelings to their caregivers.
Use ‘doTERRA’  Lemon, Orange, Cheer or Motivate when they are unhappy. Use Lavender, Chamomile, or Peace to relax or help them sleep. Try the Balance, Frankincense or Melaleuca for a more grounding effect. Use OnGuard or Breathe when they have a cold. Many hospitals are known to diffuse essential oils for their patients.

Tummy Trouble Options 

Again I will have to go back to the benefits of massage. ‘doTERRA’ makes a blend called Digest-Zen.  Add it to a carrier oil or use straight out of the bottle daily and massage the abdomen. This will help with digestion, upset stomach and bowel issues. I may also suggest the other Digest-Zen products in order to assist with bowel issues. Use the TerrazymePB Assist + GX Assist Soft Gels or Digest Tabs.
*Please note: I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate but I am not a certified aromatherapist at this time. I am working on certification in the near future. 
You may see some wellness advocates suggest the ingesting of essential oils. Although doTerra’s oils are of very good quality. I personally do not advocate for the ingestion of any essential oil.
Some oils are also not recommended for using on children & babies, I can assist you with alternatives to these oils so as to provide you with a safer alternative for your tiny ones. Please consult your physician and/or a Certified Aromatherapist before using.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post.
I hope this has been helpful in some way for your children. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to email me 
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