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Before Natan Shai got his Mic-Key he had a regular G-Tube which stuck out like a little tale.  A G-Tube basically works exactly the same as the Mic-Key but it is less convenient due to the fact that it can get pulled out accidently………and THAT my friends is EXACTLY what happened to Natan Shai and the reason we started looking into buying a G-tube protector belt.

Slider pic 2Natan Shai arrived home at the usual time on his bus from school and low and behold the tube had been completely pulled out. Probably by one of the other special needs kids on the bus, since Natan Shai cannot use his hands and couldn’t have pulled it out by himself.  The worst thing about it was that the assistant on the bus hadn’t even noticed!  Luckily our local hospital is only about five minutes away so we got him there right away before the hole started to close back up.

Needless to say, it was a NIGHTMARE!!  We were very concerned that the hole was closing because we weren’t sure exactly when the tube had become displaced, which could have been anytime during the hour-long bus ride. Basically,  the doctors say that there is a framework of approximately two hours to get the tube back in if it comes out.

There were another three months to wait before being fitted for a Mic-Key, which is much more low profile,  so we decided that we had to find a solution to make sure this was not going to happen again.  The first thing we did after getting the G-tube replaced was to look for a G-tube protector belt.  That way there was very little chance that the tube could be pulled out accidentally, and we wouldn’t have to go through this nightmare again.

This is what we found and it worked GREAT!!  No more worrying!  No more clumsy ung tube protector beltcomfortable cello tape to deal with!  This tube protector is definitely the most comfortable and convenient way to secure all types of internal feeding tubes including PEG tubes, gastrostomy tubes, and jejunostomy tubes. It has a very comfortable soft elastic waistband.  Not only that but it is also completely machine or hand washable!We ended up buying two just so that we could wash them regularly and not have to have an interval where he wasn’t wearing one of these belts.

Well, I hope I helped you here and that you won’t have to go through an experience like we did with the tube coming out because it was definitely something that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.  I wish we’d known about this protector when we first got the G-tube placed.  It would have saved a lot of heartaches get more.

Just follow this link in order to buy your protector NOW!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below.

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2 thoughts on “G Tube Protector Belt – The Best Solution!

  • carol

    Hello Hannah,
    I would like to first say that your son Natan is a blessing. Also, if the world would all be a little more kind and willing to help one another, like you and your husband have done by changing Natan’s life. By accepting him as your son is truly beautiful and you should be applauded.
    Now, the g-tube belt looks like a great product and an answer to your problem. I am sure it is great for anyone that has a feeding tube. Hopefully, Natan no longer has to worry about someone pulling it out and you do not have to stress about that happening again and having the hole close. I am glad you found your answer. Hannah, my thoughts and prayers are with you and all your wonderful children. Stay kind and much success!!!

    • Hannah Levi Post author

      Carol, thank you so much 🙂 I was very moved by your kind words. Yes, Natan Shai is an absolute blessing, couldn’t imagine life without him! Thank you for reading his story!