Is This Website Only For Parents Of Hydranencephaly Children?

Absolutely not – I made this website to help parents of Hydranencephaly children because that is the condition that my son Natan Shai has – and the one that I am most familiar with.  However, because many of the same topics discussed here are shared by various types of severely special needs children, I hope that there is plenty of useful information here that will help with all kinds of issues no matter what the official diagnosis is.

How Do I Go About Navigating This Site?

At the top on the right-hand side, you will see a ‘search’ button.  Just write in there which topic you are looking for.  I update this site very frequently so if you have any particular topic you’d like to read about and it’s not here, then I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me with suggestions here.

How Can I Contact You Privately?

You can contact me privately by filling in this contact form.  I promise to get back to you at the very earliest that I possibly can.

Is This An Organization Or A Private Website?

This is a private website which I created in order to help parents with Hydranencephaly children and other severe special needs.  There are however two organisations for Hydranencephaly which you can find on our Hydranencephaly Resources page along with other useful links.

Are There Affiliate Links Connected To This Website?

Yes, there are affiliate links associated with this website on some of the articles.  Clicking on any of the affiliate links won’t cost you anything, but will earn me a small commission if you decide to buy something that was recommended here. This is how I support the upkeeping of this website 🙂

Where Can I Find More Information About Hydranencephaly?

I have compiled a resource page to help you learn more about hydranencephaly via other places.

How Old Is Natan Shai Today?

Natan Shai is now 9 years old and will God Willing, be 10 in August. (As ofJan. 2017).