Large Floor Changing Mat
Review of: JL Childress Full Body Portable Changing PadCategory: Accessories Quality Value For Money Waterproof CompactWhat I Like Made from top quality plus-circle Denier nylon plus-circle Comfortably padded plus-circle Waterproof plus-circle Compact and convenientWhat I Don't Like Not washing machine compatibleThis changing mat has a very good Amazon customer review […]

Why You Really Need A Large Floor Changing Mat

water way babies
GUEST POST BY NANCY HIGGS – A warm water environment is a place of freedom, independence, and stimulation for a child with limitations. It is an equalizer of sorts. Paediatric aquatic therapy is a growing field. Physical therapists (physios in certain countries), occupational therapists, and speech therapists may choose […]

Water Way Babies – Simple, Affordable and Amazing!