Barbie Doll In A Wheelchair

Well, unfortunately, it’s not every day you can find a less or differently abled doll in your local toy store (or even online for that matter). That is exactly the reason I got so excited when I found Barbie Doll In A Wheelchair!  And then when I looked at related toys I actually saw that there were a few of them to choose from.  For example Barbie’s friend Becky the paralympic champion!  Or Barbie Becky the school photographer!  Great original ideas which can bring an awareness of special needs to kids in a fun and educational way.

We love the way these dolls are fashionable and fun and show the next generation that less abled people are just like anybody else and have the same interests.  It is such a great way to bridge the gap between differently-abled kids and regular kids.

However, unfortunately, it looks like the producers of Barbie don’t actually make them anymore.  There are a few left to get hold of but you’ll need to be quick.

There are other dolls in wheelchairs made by other companies which are also great though and the wheelchair can even be bought separately to fit any 18″ American girl doll.

Let’s take a look at few of them….

Here are some pictures of the Barbie Becky dolls.  The picture isn’t too clear but if you click on it then you’ll get a better picture and details of the doll.  There are also used versions available for a great price.  I think these Barbies are actually going to become a collector’s item at some stage.


There is also the option of buying a toy wheelchair set separately.  It’s made by “Click and Play” and I read some great reviews about it.  It includes accessories and fits any 18″ American doll.  Also, a great option if you’re looking to create special needs awareness.  Click on the picture to find out more details.

I love looking for new ideas that will help connect the world of special needs to the regular world we live in.

Unfortunately, there is not enough awareness and if we can teach the next generation from a young age how to treat and accept special needs people then that will be wonderful!

If you have any other ideas, whether it be toys, books or other ideas or methods that could help bridge this gap and teach awareness then please let me know in the comments below!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

With much love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)

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