Amazing Bandana Bibs For Special Needs Kids

O.K. so if your child is like Natan Shai and tends to dribble a lot then you arBandana Bibs For Special Needse going to absolutely LOVE these bandana bibs for special needs kids and teenagers!

As Natan Shai gets older the dribbling problem seems to have become worse. What I have tended to notice is that he dribbles more at the end of the day when he’s tired and more relaxed. Yes, there are medicines that I can give him which could help, but to tell you the truth I feel that he’s on enough meds right now as it is. Anyway, I love these cool looking bibs which really don’t look like bibs at all – and I’m sure you will too ????

COMPANY: Kozie Clothes

Price Range: $12 ex tax

Those shopping for bibs for special needs children or teenagers will love the design, quality and high-performance material of these top of the line bibs which can be washed repeatedly.


Their special flannel material has a protective top layer which absorbs and wicks away moisture, whilst repelling heavy fluid.

This drool neck bib consists of two layers of soft and sturdy fabric which stands up to wear and tear and comes in five different colors and two different sizes.

The purpose of this special needs bandana bib is to provide practical use which prevents damage to clothing and helps to avoid hygienic problems such as redness around the neck and chin.  You can easily wipe around the child’s mouth without having to constantly carry a wipe around with you.

Many bibs are stylish and cute but are not made with these absorbent layers and therefore they cannot handle this large amount of drool which is produced. Excessive dribbling or drooling can be embarrassing and stigmatising for your child.  But by wearing one of these Kozie Clothes bibs they can be stylish and hygienic at the same time!


The only real con I can see about these bibs is their price which is a little on the high side.  However, if you consider the high-quality material which is used and the fact they can be washed over and over then I think this fBandana Bibs For Special Needsar outweighs the price factor.

As my Grandmother used to say ‘the cheapest usually ends up the most expensive’. Meaning that when you buy cheap you usually have to frequently replace the product and end up paying lots more than you would have done had you bought the high-quality product in the first place.

You can buy these amazing bibs right here or by clicking on any of the pictures. There are also many different styles that you can check out if you don’t like the bandana kind. Kozie Clothes offer several different kinds of special needs high-quality clothing products.  Definitely worth taking a peak.


Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading.  Please take a look at our other reviews and If you have any questions or suggestions I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

With much love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)







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