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Everybody wants to give their child the very best chance of growing and learning at a good pace and it is very important from a very young age to give children the very best baby developmental toys available in order to help them with this.

In actual fact, this goes to say even if your child has been diagnosed as special needs or is developmentally slow, and I would say even especially so, as special needs children need the extra simulation to develop the skills that they do have at an early age.  This is also the reason why early intervention is so vitally important.

Personally, I have found that the wide range of Baby Einstein toys and videos have helped Natan Shai’s development tremendously over the years.  In fact, he still enjoys them today. We love the quality and the price of these toys, so I’d like to help you out and review a few of the very best Baby Einstein toys that are available and show you what we use at home.  So with no further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at them.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother – Review

We love this one for new babies and special needs children alike.  It has soft lights and soothing classical melodies which combine together to get your baby off to sleep. It has 25 minutes of continuous play including an enchanting cast of Baby Einstein characters which are sure to help your baby fall into a peaceful dream.

It also includes a drift-off feature which slowly dims lights and sounds in ten-minute intervals as your baby slowly drifts off to sleep.  Another great feature is the included remote control which allows you to operate the toy from within 15 feet without disturbing your baby.  It has a universal crib attachment which allows it to be attached to just about any crib or it can be used bedside too.

This toy can help soothe special needs children like Natan Shai who incidentally suffers from insomnia due to his Hydranencephaly condition and has a really hard time falling asleep.  Nowadays he has medication to help him, but when he was smaller this really helped him.


  • The star button is pushed to turn it on, so it can be used kind of like a switch toy which is great!
  • The underwater lighting effect is very cool.
  • The classical music is tolerable, which is quite unusual with kids toys, to say the least!
  • The way it can be hung on a crib and its light function is very useful.


  • The volume difference between high and low is rather pronounced.
  • The battery doesn’t last long so worth getting rechargeables.
  • The remote doesn’t work in standby mode.

In my opinion, it is all in all a great developmental toy from the reputable house of Baby Einstein. And for less than $25 you can’t really go wrong.

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Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table – Review

This endlessly entertaining activity table from the house of Baby Einstein is a one of a kind musical experience that your child (whether special needs or not) will enjoy for hours on end.  It has a real piano keyboard for your child to experiment with and when you flip the books page the music changes from piano to classical melodies.
There is a drum pad that counts with the beat in three different languages and a guitar which has lights that are activated when your child strums. There’s a French horn with a spinner ball that activates sounds of a French horn along with other different shapes that activate various sounds.
We love the fact that this table grows with your baby.  The legs can be added later for on the floor activity for younger babies.  Then once the baby is ready the legs can be added and it can be used for a stand and play activity.
Special needs children will love this because of the different lights and sound effects.  The buttons are easy to press too, in order to teach independent play with a reaction which is especially great for our kind of children.
  • This toy grows with your baby.
  • Great stimulation.
  • High-quality easy listening music.
  • Many different functions to play with.
  • Easily assembled.


  • The legs cannot be taken off once attached, so only attach when your baby grows.
  • Songs are a little repetitive.

All in all, we think this is a great toy for developmental purposes as well as a lot of fun.  It can be bought from Amazon on sale for under $27 which is a great price for a toy with so many functions.

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Baby Einstein is definitely one of the leaders in developmental toys and videos.  Natan Shai loves the videos they make too and they can keep him calm for hours on end.

How Do I Know Which Toy Is The Right Choice?

There are so many toys to choose from that making a decision on what to buy can be difficult, to say the least. And the right toy will depend on the age and developmental stage of your baby or child.  These are a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the right toy:

  • Is the toy safe?  In fact, any toy can be unsafe incorrectly used.  Toys that are safe for one age may not be safe at all for a younger child.  For example, you wouldn’t give marbles which are perfectly fine for a six-year-old to a one-year-old
  • Does the toy interest your child?  If it’s interesting then your child will play with it without being forced or prodded into it.  Usually, toys that can be used in a variety of ways are the most appealing.
  • Does the toy require somebody to play with them or can it be used alone?
  • What kind of play will the toy encourage?  For example, there are toys which can make your child liven up and other toys which can quiet him down.  Both are appropriate but at the right time of day.

I hope this short guide has helped you to make the right decision about which developmental toy to buy.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and I’ll get right back to you 🙂




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  • Heath

    Hi there,

    Great site!! What a wealth of information! Though I know nothing about the site content personally, after reading many of your posts, I can say I am definitely more knowledgable.

    I personally loved the information on medical marijuana, it has such wonderful medicinal attributes and it’s obvious is helps many different ailments!

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us!

    • Hannah Levi Post author

      Glad you enjoy reading my articles.  The truth is not many people know much about Hydranencephaly at all that’s one of the reasons I made this site to build awareness, besides helping other special needs parents along the way.  


  • Lauren

    I agree that the baby Einstein toys are great for babies, we used the baby gym and excersaucer for my kids and they loved them. As a mom of two young kids I do feel that they lose interest in toys that make noise (plus they get super annoying for us haha). Have you tried any wooden toys or stacking toys? Melissa and Doug is a fantastic brand for kids we love all of their stuff! It’s worth giving them a look 🙂

    • Hannah Levi Post author

      Hi Lauren, unfortunately, Natan Shai isn’t able to use his hands to build or anything like that because of his special needs.  I heard that Melissa and Doug is a great product but it’s more for typical children.  Thanks for stopping by!