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best wheelchair cushionsToday we’re going to look at some of the best wheelchair cushions that are available online. If you or a somebody close to you is confined to a wheelchair then you surely must know just how uncomfortable it can get to sit for so long without the right support.

If your child is like Natan Shai my son for example, and can’t tell you that he is uncomfortable then you really need to be very aware of how he is sitting and decide for yourself if he is comfortable.  You can also talk this over with a physiotherapist.  Fortunately, there are several solutions to help with this problem of comfort and support. Here I’m going to help show you the simple differences between the different types of cushions.

There are cushions for adults and children alike which come as either air cushions, gel cushions or foam cushions. So, with no further ado lets take a look at the difference between the different types of cushions and the pros and cons of both types.

Air Cushions

Air cushions usually provide less stability and positioning than their counterparts made of gel or foam.  As is obvious by their name, air cushions are filled with air which can be adjusted to either add or reduce pressure.  They are exceptionally good at providing pressure relief by allowing pressure points to sink into the cushion.

An Air Cushion May Be Good If You Need:

  • Exemplary relief from pressure
  • A lightweight cushion
  • An easy cushion to look after
  • Adjustable firmness

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Gel Cushions

Gel Cushions are designed to relief excess pressure.  They allow pressure points to immerse into the gel pack and consequently reduce pressure.  They usually have great positioning capabilities. However, if you are looking for a lightweight cushion or low cost then this won’t do the job.

A Gel Cushion May Be Best For You If You Need:

  • Exceptional pressure relief
  • Amazing positioning capabilities
  • A very secure seating surface
  • An easy cushion to look after

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Foam Cushions

Foam cushions are the most basic kind of wheelchair cushion and can usually be purchased at minimum cost.  Although having said that, some may have more advanced features and consist of multiple layers of foam which enhance positioning and pressure management.

A Foam Cushion May Be Good If You Need:

  • An easy cushion to look after
  • An inexpensive cushion
  • A very secure and stable seating surface
  • A low/mid-range positioning
  • A Lightweight cushion.

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Whichever kind of wheelchair cushion you decide to go with, just remember for some a wheelchair is like wearing a pair of shoes.  If you are on your feet all day then you need to make sure you have a great pair of high-quality comfortable shoes. For example, you wouldn’t see a nurse who is standing all day wear a shoe which is uncomfortable. The exact same principle goes with wheelchair cushions.

Besides the obvious health reasons involved when choosing the right wheelchair cushion, a person’s whole mood can change if they are uncomfortable and especially if they don’t possess the ability to make anybody aware of what is troubling them. So sensitivity is of the essence and it is very important to read about each cushion and decide which one would be the most suitable for the person’s individual needs.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask, you can either contact me directly or leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

With much love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)

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4 thoughts on “An Easy Guide To The Best Wheelchair Cushions

  • Elina

    Hello, I think I got something new here.My grand mom is also on wheelchair and I am thinking of getting one for her .Thanks for helpful information.Which one would good for adults ? I think foam one is easily available and good as well.What do you think?

    • Hannah Levi Post author

      Hi Elina, Yes there are different cushions for all ages. Unless she is in pain from pressure or has been advised by a professional anything different, then I think the foam one would work just fine as a solution to comfort. They are also on the less expensive side. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask! Hannah X

  • jkuhnrain

    The content of your website is really great. I had never thought of the subtile differences of the three cushions mentioned. I also learned a lot about how they were received by the people who really needed them.

    Do you have other recommendations on the kinds of wheelchairs available and which ones are best for children? Our first daughter had a condition that would have required a wheelchair, however, we never got that far in her short life. What are other products that you need to help him?

    Blessings to you. Joyce

    • Hannah Levi Post author

      Hi Joyce, thanks for reading my article. Glad it enlightened you! I haven’t made an article about wheelchairs yet, but it’s in the pipe line. I’m so sorry you lost your daughter at such a young age 🙁 If you know other special needs families you can send them to my site, which is growing daily. I’m trying to cover all kinds of related aspects about extreme special needs and write about them. For example my article about g-tube feeding, or kids weighted blankets . Thanks again for reading! With much love, Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom).