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Well, I can tell you that out of all of Natan Shai’s toys there is nothing he likes more than the ones which make noise. Some of them even have him laughing non-stop out of pure joy ????  Finding the right musical toys for special needs children can be challenging, to say the least, so here I’m going to show you a few examples of the toys we have bought for Natan Shai over the years and explain to you why he likes them and why they are a cut above the rest.

The truth is that all kinds of sensory toys that are stimulating help with your child’s development and keep him engaged. Usually, by way of noise and lights.  But the ones that we particularly like are the ones that Natan Shai can try to operate by himself.

Generally speaking, that means that they will have larger buttons to operate or they can be attached to an independent switch.  (switch toys I will write about in a different post).  Today we are going to look at a few of our favourite musical toys which are easy to buy online, good quality and easy to operate.

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Has to be one of the best toys that we have bought for Natan Shai. It is simply fantastic!  We’ve had it for about 3 years and it still looks like new!

This Musical Book has 6 classical nursery rhymes which play individually and light up the whole book when activated.  The animal faces and musical instruments are the buttons and are very easy to press and not too small.  When you turn the page it triggers the next song to play too.

There are two volume controls, and in my opinion, the lower volume is plenty loud enough.

Customers who bought this rated it 4.6 out of 5 stars!


Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy

Another one of our favourite toys is this cute turtle.

The buttons are easy to operate and it plays beautiful classic melodies which we love!  They are upbeat enough for your children to enjoy but at the same time relaxing for us.  Especially because some of the other musical toys can be so irritating for adults.

The colourful lights dance along to the music and indicate which instrument is playing.

This turtle is fairly large and hard durable plastic.  We just got it recently but it looks like its a keeper and will last a long time.


Customers who bought this rated it 4.6 out of 5 stars!

Bright Starts Safari Beats Musical Toy

What we like about this musical toy is that it is especially easy to operate with its big colourful buttons which light up and make sounds.

It has two modes – drum mode, or melody mode.  The melody is a bit annoying but Natan Shai loves it!  It is one of those noisy toys that you need patience for but the large buttons really make it a great choice.

Another plus for this toy is that it is small enough to cart around if you need a stimulation toy outside of the house.

It is also pretty sturdy plastic so hopefully, it will last a while.  We’ve had ours for about 6 months now.

Customers who bought this rated it 4.2 out of 5 stars!


These are only a few of our favourite toys.  If you’d like to see more information about them then just click on the picture. And if you’d like to see some more examples of musical toys for special needs children then you need to see this.

We’d love to hear from you what kind of toys your little one loves, so please leave a comment below and let us know!

Hope this has helped you in some way!

Much love,

Hannah (Natan Shai’s Mom)


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  • Karlo

    thanks for sharing this article about toys for special needs children. Obviously, it is not easy to find a musical toy that can help their development. Thanks to you,people can find really helpful toys for special needs children. I love all the toys that you mentioned because they are stimulating child’s development and keeping them engaged.
    Great article