Every one of us wants our children to grow and thrive. In encouraging this growth, the key is to focus on strengths and gifts, developing natural talents and giving children positive experiences that encourage them to broaden their comfort zone. Music Therapy has many proven benefits that make it especially […]

10 Benefits of Music Therapy for Special Needs Children

emergency preparedness with special needs children
Well, I don’t know about you but with the latest natural disasters going on around the world I have started to think seriously about being prepared in the event of an emergency. I think we should all be prepared as best as we can anyway, but emergency preparedness with special […]

Emergency Preparedness With Special Needs Children

If your child has been diagnosed with Hydranencephaly you are probably in a state of shock and confusion and are looking for as much information as you can on the subject, as well as support.  One of your biggest questions is going to understandably be “What is Hydranencephaly life expectancy?” […]

What Is Hydranencephaly Life Expectancy?

Peg tube covers
​Best Peg Tube Covers Review of: Adorable Pads G/J Tube Pad 7 Pack Category: G-Tube Feeding U.S.A. Made Value For Money Washable ComfortableWhat I Like Made In The U.S.A. 100% Machine Washable Soft Fleece Next To Skin plus-circle Absorbs Any Spills plus-circle Fun Patterns for Boys and GirlsIf your child […]

The Best Peg Tube Covers for 2018 – Review

medical cannabis research 2
We recently received the greatest news………. after a long time learning everything we could about medical cannabis (or medical marijuana as it is also referred to), Natan Shai whose medical diagnosis is Hydranencephaly and Cerebral Palsy among other things, has been accepted to enter a seven-month research program which aims to […]

Medical Cannabis Research For Spasticity – Natan Shai’s Journey

wheelchair bags and totes
Wheelchair Bag by Vive – Will It Work For You? – Review Finding the perfect wheelchair bags and totes can be difficult as they are not sold in your average high street shop or local mall.  Sure, you can find something similar maybe but definitely not something designed especially for […]

Wheelchair Bags And Totes – Our #1 Choice

Everybody wants to give their child the very best chance of growing and learning at a good pace and it is very important from a very young age to give children the very best baby developmental toys available in order to help them with this. In actual fact, this goes to […]

The Very Best Baby Developmental Toys

Animal Therapy For Special Needs
Natan Shai loves his animal therapy at school and also our pet dog at home, so I decided to write an article about animal therapy for special needs and how it can help our kids in so many different ways. It is actually quite a simple kind of therapy as you […]

Animal Therapy For Special Needs Kids

OK, so I have to tell you a story today that happened to me during this past week.  If you are a special needs parent then I’m sure you can relate to this.  And if not then I believe that you’ll enjoy reading anyway so keep going 🙂 You see, […]

Incompatible With Life? Oh Really?

Large Floor Changing Mat
Review of: JL Childress Full Body Portable Changing PadCategory: Accessories Quality Value For Money Waterproof CompactWhat I Like Made from top quality plus-circle Denier nylon plus-circle Comfortably padded plus-circle Waterproof plus-circle Compact and convenientWhat I Don't Like Not washing machine compatibleThis changing mat has a very good Amazon customer review […]

Why You Really Need A Large Floor Changing Mat

how to tell our family not to talk about our kiids
Today I was reading through a bunch of posts on a private special needs group that I belong to, when I was totally flabbergasted to see a heartbroken post (or should I say rant – by her own words) by a mother who’s child has been in the hospital for quite […]

How To Tell Your Family And Friends ‘Nicely’ Not To ...

spy cameras for kids 4
There are several reasons why you may feel that your kid is not 100% safe. Maybe you don’t know the nanny or nurse well enough and would like to keep an eye on what is going on when you can’t be with your child, maybe you want to see what […]

Spy Cameras For Kids – Listen To Your Instincts!

Unique Easter Gifts For Children 2
Finding gifts for our special children to enjoy and especially unique Easter gifts for children can be challenging, to say the least.  We need something that is enjoyable, could be switch operated, not too expensive and a sensory toy – all at the same time.  So when someone posted about […]

Unique Easter Gifts For Children With Hydranencephaly

cerebral palsy child
If you have a child with Cerebral Palsy (or know somebody with C.P.) then you are probably wondering what are the causes of Cerebral Palsy. The main cause of cerebral palsy today is brain damage due to prematurity. Infants born in the 24-34 week gestation period have a high incidence […]

What Are The Causes Of Cerebral Palsy?

Trip To Holland Poem
The trip to Holland poem for me just summed it all up…….. When you first find out that you are expecting (or have given birth) to a special needs child it is obviously a huge shock.  It is nothing any of us expected.  Even when we ourselves became foster parents […]

Trip To Holland Poem – By Emily Perl Kingsley

iPad For Kids With Special Needs 2
One of the best things I ever bought for Natan Shai was his iPad.  It opened up a whole new world of communication for him as well as being a great form of entertainment.  Today I am going to review this iPad and tell you all about how an iPad […]

#1 iPad For Kids With Special Needs

GUEST POST BY HEIDI THOMPSON – (www.heidis-place.blogspot.com) Today we are priviliged to publish a guest post from Heidi Thompson about her experience with EagleEyes Controlled Technology and how it helps Junior to communicate.  Junior is one of Natan Shai’s first friends who we met online and it has been exciting […]

EagleEyes Controlled Technology – Unbelievable!

barbie in a wheelchair
Well, unfortunately, it’s not every day you can find a less or differently abled doll in your local toy store (or even online for that matter). That is exactly the reason I got so excited when I found Barbie Doll In A Wheelchair!  And then when I looked at related […]

Barbie Doll In A Wheelchair

One of the biggest issues we have with Natan Shai is that he drools a lot, especially at the end of the day when he’s super tired and his sleeping meds are beginning to kick in.  The result being (as I’m sure you can relate to) is a totally soaked […]

Bibs For Special Needs Children – That Work!!

wheel chair costumes for kids 2
O.K. so tomorrow it will be Purim, (in other words, Mardi Gras for Jews). In recent years I’ve enjoyed going out on a limb to find an original costume for Natan Shai and I’ve had so much fun doing it.  Actually, the whole family gets involved and it becomes a real […]

Wheelchair Costumes For Kids – Just Wow!!

Well, I don’t about your kids, but Natan Shai LOVES doing all different kinds of artwork.  He enjoys the sensory part of touching the various mediums (wet, dry, sticky) and greatly enjoys coming home from school with his hands dirty and an iPad full of pictures of what he has […]

Arts And Special Needs – All Without A Brain!?!?!

sensory toys for special needs children 2
Since having Natan Shai, I came to realize that having a large selection of visual solutions and learning tools for your special needs child is essential to helping foster self-regulation, self-expression, and socialization. A successful tool can also assist with keeping your child calm and focused, improve academic performance and […]

Sensory Toys For Special Needs Children

GUEST POST BY JOLENE PREGENT –  www.mydoterra.com/wellnesswithaquarity This guest blog post is about ‘doTERRA’ essential oils and how their benefits can help your child with Hydranencephaly.  As many of you know, the struggles of raising a child with hydranencephaly are many.  I have found a few ‘doTERRA’ essential oil products to […]

How Can doTERRA Essential Oils Help Your Hydranencephaly Child?

Guest Post By Lisa King (www.lisajking.blogspot.com) Over sixteen years ago my husband Aaron and I were told that our second eldest son Noah had hydranencephaly.  We were told he had severe brain damage, he would never respond to us, he would rely on us for everything, he was blind and […]

Noah’s Story – Don’t Count The Days, Make The Days ...

water way babies
GUEST POST BY NANCY HIGGS – www.waterwaybabies.com A warm water environment is a place of freedom, independence, and stimulation for a child with limitations. It is an equalizer of sorts. Paediatric aquatic therapy is a growing field. Physical therapists (physios in certain countries), occupational therapists, and speech therapists may choose […]

Water Way Babies – Simple, Affordable and Amazing!

Exciting news! – Ali Harper and The Hydranencephaly Foundation is in the middle of organizing a very special project which will connect Bee families from all corners of the globe together.  This will be the second family event that Ali Harper has organized since starting the GHF (Global Hydranencephaly Foundation). […]

Just Bee! – The Hydranencephaly Foundation Family Retreat 2017